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Mambo gloves are designed in Italy with unique embroidered design and manufactured with quality materials. From skaters to skaters.


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The gloves you all loved are now back in the scene! Designed in Italy with the intention of bringing to the market a superlative and unique embroidered design, manufactured with quality materials, from skaters to skaters. The people who have experienced wearing mambo gloves have defined them as some of the most durable and comfiest gloves they had their hands on, try by yourself!

πŸ–€ No color dispersion.
πŸ’› Unique embroidered design.
πŸ–€ Embroidery designed to last throughout time.
πŸ’› Cow leather.
πŸ–€ Double layer of kevlar to make them even more resistant to abrasion.
πŸ’› Rubber strap to assure a safer and longer grip on the velcro throughout time.
πŸ–€ Last but not least an unquestionable amount of swag.

To choose your size, place a tape measure around the widest part of your palm (don’t include your thumb) and compare your measurement with the following values:

  • S: 20-21cm
  • M: 21-22cm
  • L: 22-23cm
  • XL: 23-24cm

If you are between two sizes, choose the biggest one.

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