The perfect glue for your soles and for much more!


This cyanoacrylate glue is the best and fastest solution to glue your soles or anything. You can glue your soles, your gloves, fix your grip tape, glue plastic, rubber, metal… Oh! And it has been designed to resist high temperatures, so don’t worry about the scorching summer asphalt.

  • Weight: 20g (you can glue 2-3 sets of soles with one bottle).

Additional information

Weight 40 g

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This glue has literally saved my life tons of times, and I don’t use it only for the soles. I always bring it to my trips in case I have to repair something. I don’t know which kind of glue it is but it is better than the one I get in the hardware store.

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